We Provide Sponsorship Opportunities for Local Events

Enhance the profile of your business

Support our local community while simultaneously building awareness for your business by sponsoring an exciting event in Gem County. A number of events occur in our region throughout the year, including the Emmett Cherry Festival, the Harvest Festival Street Fair, and the Annual Golf Tournament. Choose to sponsor one of these events and your business name and logo will be strategically placed on promotional flyers, related websites, and event signage.

In addition to our popular annual events that bring visitors to Gem County from across the state, many smaller events take place throughout the year.

Ready to learn more about sponsoring a local event? Contact our offices to discover sponsorship opportunities available in the upcoming months.

Discover the Benefits of Event Sponsorships

Raise Local Brand Awareness

Raising brand awareness is an important goal for any business, but it's particularly important for small companies in regions like our own. Consumers in our area have a number of shopping options and businesses to consider partnering with. Furthermore, communities like Boise are home to nationally-known brands that often encroach on market share. Keep your business relevant by building awareness through sponsorship opportunities.

Draw in Visitors

Residents in Emmett may already know your business and understand the products and services you offer, but visitors to this region are often completely unfamiliar with our local companies. As our annual events have grown progressively more popular over the course of the past decades, the number of visitors coming to Gem County specifically to enjoy these events has grown exponentially. Connect with visitors in town temporarily and benefit from the sales boost.

Support Our Community

A strong sense of community pride runs deep in Emmett. From the farmers working nearby fields to mom-and-pop shop owners working diligently to keep their businesses afloat, supporting the economic stability of Gem County is important. Sponsoring one of the events that puts our community on the map is not only beneficial for the marketing return alone, but it also allows you to make an important investment for our future.

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Marketing Opportunities

Chamber members get valuable promotional and advertising opportunities to easily connect with our local population. This includes:

  • Member directory listing and ads
  • Event sponsorships
  • Business resources

Gem Chamber's marketing resources are a great way to spread the word and tell more people about your business.

Educational Events for Businesses

We sponsor numerous educational initiatives throughout the year to help local businesses just like yours.

  • Regular seminars
  • Training and coaching sessions
  • Educational resources for local business owners

Our services will provide you with the business skills to help you grow and become more profitable.

Start and Grow Your Venture

Our tools have helped countless business owners to start successful ventures. Take your first steps with Gem County:

  • Free business coaching for startups
  • Expert branding, licensing, and marketing advice
  • Hands-on assistance with building your business

With the power of the Chamber behind you, your business has all the tools it needs to be a success story.

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