Ambassadors are the 'Welcome Wagon' of the Gem County Chamber Commerce.

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a group of dedicated volunteers from various member businesses and organizations throughout the community. Ambassadors act as liaisons between the Chamber and member businesses. An Ambassador's mission is to welcome, nurture, and recruit new Chamber members, act as goodwill representatives at various Chamber functions, and aid in the support of members' participation in the Chamber.

Meet the GCCC Ambassadors

nita barnard photo test



Nita Barnard
Revel Skin Therapy, Owner,
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Photo Carr, Staci



Staci Carr
Valor Health, Community Engagement & Marketing
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Ellie Flake



Ellie Flake
Cardinal Realty of Idaho, Associate Broker/Realtor
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Wyatt Harris



Wyatt Harris
First Interstate Bank, Financial Services Rep. I
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Page 11 Ambassadors Allan Hermansen



Allan Hermansen
Route 52 Screen Printing & Embroidery, President
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Page 11 Ambassadors Bailey Jamison



Bailey Jamison
First Interstate Bank, Financial Services Rep. I
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Wendi Kern BOD 2



Wendi Kern
First Interstate Bank, VP/Branch Manager
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Photo McFarlane, Tempe



Tempe McFarlane
Silvercreek Realty Group, Realtor
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Page 6 BOD Susan Ness copy



Susan Ness
Signature Hospice, Director of Volunteers & Outreach
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Colleen Oharan test



Colleen Ohran


Tami Rogers test



Tami Rogers

Page 6 BOD Teena Turner



Teena Turner
Evans Realty LLC, Broker
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