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Building a small business is no small task. From filing the legal paperwork to locating the ideal spot for your offices or storefront, it takes plenty of hard work to start from the ground up. After your business begins operating, you'll need to focus on marketing and connecting with local consumers, while simultaneously keeping your eye on the bottom line.

Sound like a lot of work? Fortunately, we offer indispensable resources to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to build healthy companies in Gem County. By joining the chamber, you'll receive access to all of our training materials and receive in-depth guidance from others who have walked in your shoes. Network within our extensive member base and discover sponsorship opportunities and partnerships to expand your business.

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Location & Licensing

When it comes to setting up shop, it's important to dot every I and cross those T's. After all, the physical premises of your business serve as a reflection of your brand. Why not allow our team to provide you with our expertise, helping you choose the perfect location to call home. We can also advise on licensing matters and help you ensure you file the necessary paperwork to become a legal entity.

Training Materials and Instructional Guides

Whether you're launching a brand new business endeavor or simply trying to learn more about how to run a thriving company, get equipped with the tools for success. We offer educational opportunities and training materials to teach you the fundamental basics of owning and operating a business in Gem County. Avoid potential pitfalls and procure the information you need to start off on the right foot.

Business Startup Specialist

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities on your plate. Why not take advantage of our free business startup assistance? We'll pair you with a specialist who will help you handle the various aspects of launching your brand, from marketing to overhead and so much more. Don't go the journey alone—instead, make certain your business is ready to climb the ladder to success.

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Marketing Opportunities

Chamber members get valuable promotional and advertising opportunities to easily connect with our local population. This includes:

  • Member directory listing and ads
  • Event sponsorships
  • Business resources

Gem Chamber's marketing resources are a great way to spread the word and tell more people about your business.

Educational Events for Businesses

We sponsor numerous educational initiatives throughout the year to help local businesses just like yours.

  • Regular seminars
  • Training and coaching sessions
  • Educational resources for local business owners

Our services will provide you with the business skills to help you grow and become more profitable.

Start and Grow Your Venture

Our tools have helped countless business owners to start successful ventures. Take your first steps with Gem County:

  • Free business coaching for startups
  • Expert branding, licensing, and marketing advice
  • Hands-on assistance with building your business

With the power of the Chamber behind you, your business has all the tools it needs to be a success story.

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