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Local business owners face a number of challenges in their day-to-day operations. Connecting with the general public and growing a loyal client base is arguably one of the greatest obstacles for small businesses. At the Gem County Chamber of Commerce, we strive to equip and empower our local members with the tools and resources necessary to build a successful, thriving business. Providing marketing opportunities that generate impressive results is merely one of the ways we work towards this goal.

Our marketing opportunities vary greatly, from one-off ads and announcements to ongoing sponsorships of community events. We offer affordable solutions that align with you company's growth strategy.

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Event Sponsorships

Highlight your business through a unique event sponsorship and spread the word to local residents and visitors alike. We're responsible for hosting a number of special events throughout the year, including popular annual activities like the Emmett Cherry Festival and the Harvest Festival and Street Fair. These events serve as a powerful draw for our local community and greatly increase foot traffic in local businesses.

Member Directory Listing

Our digital member directory makes it easy to connect with other business owners in our local area and develop mutually-beneficial working partnerships. The member directory also gives the residents of Gem County an easily accessible tool for learning more about businesses operating in Emmett and the surrounding region. You may also wish to consider purchasing an advertisement within the directory for additional visibility.

Site Advertisements

Capture the attention of visitors to the Gem County Chamber of Commerce website with site ads that extoll the virtues of your organization. Our site serves as an important educational tool, both for local residents and for visitors spending time in Emmett. By purchasing an ad on our site, your business will be at the forefront of our reader's mind. Purchase a yearlong ad to keep your company's name continuing circulating.

Bulk Mailings

Reach out to consumers in our community with a bulk mailing. Take advantage of attractive postage prices by having your mail processed through our office. Our bulk mailing permit gives you access to lower rates, while our copying services make it easy to print hundreds of flyers or brochures at an affordable rate. We also can create mailing labels for your business, creating a polished and professional image for your mail.

Chamber Bucks

Supporting the economic health of our community is an important endeavor for our chamber. Chamber Bucks are one of the ways we partner with local businesses to help generate sales and encourage shoppers to visit establishments in our area. Any interested business can partner with our chamber and accept Chamber Bucks for payment. Chamber Bucks make an ideal gift for nearly any recipient and are quite popular in Emmett.

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Why Join Us?

Marketing Opportunities

Chamber members get valuable promotional and advertising opportunities to easily connect with our local population. This includes:

  • Member directory listing and ads
  • Event sponsorships
  • Business resources

Gem Chamber's marketing resources are a great way to spread the word and tell more people about your business.

Educational Events for Businesses

We sponsor numerous educational initiatives throughout the year to help local businesses just like yours.

  • Regular seminars
  • Training and coaching sessions
  • Educational resources for local business owners

Our services will provide you with the business skills to help you grow and become more profitable.

Start and Grow Your Venture

Our tools have helped countless business owners to start successful ventures. Take your first steps with Gem County:

  • Free business coaching for startups
  • Expert branding, licensing, and marketing advice
  • Hands-on assistance with building your business

With the power of the Chamber behind you, your business has all the tools it needs to be a success story.

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