Harvest Festival Street Fair

28th Annual Emmett Harvest Festival Street Fair

Join us:
Friday, September 24, 2021, 12pm - 7pm
Saturday, September 25, 2021, 10am - 7pm

Contact the Chamber at 208-365-3485 or email Chamber@EmmettIdaho.com for more info.

About the Event

One of the many blessings of a rural Emmett lifestyle is Harvest Time. At this time in the season, the Gem County Chamber of Commerce host a wonderful event to celebrate the hard work of their community in growing and harvesting the area's crops. The event features music, movies, activities for the family, and of course, plenty of delicious food to feast on. With over two decades in the making, our Annual Harvest Festival event is still growing, and we invite you to join us at our next event.

Rediscover The Valley of Plenty

To celebrate the year-round produce grown in our fertile soil, why not bring the family and visit one of our several orchards.

The Orchard Map lists several of the orchards that provide fresh and local produce to our community. The map will show and tell you which orchards are "you pick" orchards and which are "retail only" orchards. Our orchard map also provides addresses and marked points of each orchard listed. This map is updated annually to bring you the most current information on our various orchards.

Click here to download our Orchard Map for this year.

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