Our Membership Offers a Number of Benefits

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Joining the Gem County Chamber of Commerce provides your business with access to a number of resources, training materials, and advertising opportunities. Partner with our chamber and build credibility for your business, while simultaneously attracting new customers. We offer a wide selection of publicity and marketing avenues for spreading the word about your company.

Of course, joining the chamber doesn't only open the doors to new marketing opportunities. We aim to connect local business owners with one another, as a means of developing strategic partnerships that generate mutually-beneficial results. Many of our members work together on joint promotional efforts to maximize their marketing exposure. Fostering the development of these important relationships is one of our key goals.

Discover why so many local businesses choose to join the Gem County Chamber of Commerce today, and play a part in a united effort to make our county a more enjoyable place to live and work. For more information, contact our offices and one of our staff members will be happy to answer your questions.

Discover the Benefits of Our Chamber

Business Credibility

Establish your company as a local leader by joining the Gem County Chamber of Commerce. Many of our members also choose to become a Gem County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, a unique program we've developed to help build clout for our chamber and members in the local area.

Increased Exposure and Member Directory Listing

As a small business owner, you no doubt understand the challenges of growing your organization and connecting with the right audience. Experience increased exposure through chamber membership, with member listings on our website and in our comprehensive chamber membership directory.

Marketing, Publicity, and Advertising

We host a number of special events throughout the year, including local mixers, ribbon cuttings, anniversary celebrations, and grand openings. These events offer pivotal networking opportunities and provide additional visibility for your organization. We also offer affordable advertising solutions to further grow your customer base.

Education and Training

Take advantage of our education and training tools and invest in the future of your business. We provide a number of training initiatives throughout the year, in an effort to better equip our local members with the resources needed to succeed. Training seminars and educational materials offer useful instruction for building your business.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Get your message out to the masses by partnering with the Gem County Chamber of Commerce in a sponsorship capacity. We have the privilege to host a number of renowned events for the local community each year, including the Annual Emmett Cherry Festival and the Harvest Street Festival. Work with our team as a sponsor and increase brand awareness.

Office Resources & Instructional Materials

Connect with visitors and local residents alike, using our bulk-mail permit for affordable mailings and our discounted copies, free computer access, and Internet connection to complement your business operations. We also offer maps and tourism information you can use in your business materials.

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Why Join Us?

Marketing Opportunities

Chamber members get valuable promotional and advertising opportunities to easily connect with our local population. This includes:

  • Member directory listing and ads
  • Event sponsorships
  • Business resources

Gem Chamber's marketing resources are a great way to spread the word and tell more people about your business.

Educational Events for Businesses

We sponsor numerous educational initiatives throughout the year to help local businesses just like yours.

  • Regular seminars
  • Training and coaching sessions
  • Educational resources for local business owners

Our services will provide you with the business skills to help you grow and become more profitable.

Start and Grow Your Venture

Our tools have helped countless business owners to start successful ventures. Take your first steps with Gem County:

  • Free business coaching for startups
  • Expert branding, licensing, and marketing advice
  • Hands-on assistance with building your business

With the power of the Chamber behind you, your business has all the tools it needs to be a success story.

Spread the Word About Your Chamber

We'd love to welcome you to the chamber. Dramatically expand your influence in our local community and connect with other business leaders today.

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