Small Business Season

The Gem County Chamber of Commerce celebrates Small Business Season every year from Mid November to Mid December. This is the peak time of year for shopping, dining and staying local.

The Chamber would like to encourage every person in our community to support the small businesses of Gem County. This means more than where you choose to shop and dine! For example, when you see a doctor, get a haircut, service your vehicle, winterize your sprinklers and such. You have the opportunity to support local small businesses. In doing so, you help stimulate and support the economy of Gem County!

Other ways to show your support for local small business:

  • Writing reviews
  • Referring friends
  • Taking pictures or videos and sharing them on social media
  • Sharing small business posts on social media
  • Talking about your favorite businesses on social media
  • Participating in one of the Chamber’s Shop Local events!

Join us and pledge to support local this holiday season. Shopping small can make a big difference.

Small/independently-owned businesses need our help, & we need theirs. On average, $68 of every $100 spent locally stays in our community. Most of us turn to small businesses first when we’re seeking help for donations to support nonprofits, youth activities, fundraisers and more. When they thrive, we thrive! Where you spend your money this holiday season matters.

Where you spend your money this holiday season matters.