Ribbon Cutting – WildSage Publishing or Emmett Connections

Gem County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

Gem County Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting


Wildsage Publishing is a publishing company that provides a hometown phone directory. The owners are David and Renee Fisher, who run this small business out of their home in New Plymouth. David has been a graphic designer who has worked in the industry for over 30 years. Wildsage Publishing also does some direct mail pieces, brochures, business cards, and also pre-movie ads for the Frontier Cinema.

The reason they started this business was because there was a strong desire for a local directory that wasn’t bogged down with all the Treasure Valley listings. David enjoys meeting new people and talking with them about their business; plus it gives his creative side some freedom to express itself.

Their business goal is to continue producing the highest quality directory that they can. Adding it to your marketing “tool box” is a smart decision.

David and Renee are excited about the future. The economy has improved, and the opportunity for growth is on an upward trend. They’ve just launched their Emmett Connections.com website. Business owners can join the business search categories with FREE links to their website/social media. They have also extended special guides to restaurants, health services, and calendar of events, along with community interests and recreation to the website.

Wildsage Publishing wants to give a heartfelt thanks to the Gem County residents and businesses for their enthusiastic support of Emmett Connections. To contact David call (208) 278-5099 or email wildsagepub@gmail.com

The story of the train mural: The Downtown Revitalization Committee had received a grant for a historic mural depicting the 1902 celebration of the arrival of Emmett’s first train. David started in the summer of 2014 and finished by the end of summer 2015. Meg Davis with the Historical Museum helped find people to dress in era costume to pose for the cover of last year’s Emmett Connections Directory.