Ribbon Cutting – Ola Inn Cafe

Ribbing Cutting – Ola Inn Cafe

Ola Inn Café is owned by Clyde and Jeanine Cunningham. It is a full service restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks such as beer and wine, and free Wi-Fi. The Chamber of Commerce is excited to welcome the Ola Inn Cafe to the community as our newest member!

Ola Inn Café was established by Clyde and Jeanine due to a love of cooking and working with the public. Jeanine loves cooking and serving anyone and everyone; she will do what she can to help anyone that needs it. The mission statement of the Ola Inn Café is to provide home cooking at its best. Quotes that Jeanine feels represent the Café are: Live, laugh, love. – Always treat others as you would like to be treated – No matter what it takes, always be nice.

Special offers at Ola Inn Café include specials on Friday and Saturday nights, and Sundays 12 – close. There is Live Music at least once a month with dancing anytime to Pandora and YouTube as well as homemade soups daily during the cold months.

Ola Inn Café is located at 22001 Sweet Ola Hwy, Ola 83657 and during the winter operates Tuesday – Thursday from 7am-7pm, Friday and Saturday from 7am-8pm and Sunday from 7am-5pm.

For more information contact Ola Inn Café at (208) 584-3737.