Ribbon Cutting-Avid Fitness

Avid FitnessGem County Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting

Avid Fitness is providing group fitness to Emmett’s working community. Professionally designed fitness sessions in a fun, but personalized group setting which include; Bootcamp, Fitness Boxing, and Yoga all convenient times and affordable rates. The Avid Fitness Program is specifically designed to resist fatigue, beat depression, combat stress, burn fat, and build muscle. The fun and laughter is an added bonus!

Darcie Hill, owner of Avid Fitness began this business venture because she herself was overweight, weak, hurting, tired, and unhappy. After putting in the work and dedicating herself to her new fitness journey she was amazed at how much better she felt and much more energy she had. Now daily activities were much easier, her back no longer hurt and she was feeling happy and confident with the way she looked. Shopping no longer caused stressed it was now a treat! Darcie wanted to share this new found feeling of greatness with her friends and family and that is when her passion was born. She honestly, just wants people to feel better physically and mentally and believes that group training is just more fun!

Avid Fitness has one goal, to provide the best group training in the Emmett community and to help those same people realize the awesome benefits of adopting a fitness lifestyle. Darcie wants people to get fit and be healthy so they can live their lives without the challenges of being unfit. “Realistic fitness for a realistic community.”

Located at 908 S. Washington Ave and with various operating hours during the week. Avid Fitness offers 5 group sessions throughout the work week 5:15am, 6:15am, 9:30am, 5:15pm, and 6:15pm. Also, available Saturdays at 7:30am. Office hours vary depending on scheduled appointments. Sign up for 12 months of Unlimited Group Fitness Sessions anytime in October and get your first month at ONLY $15! For more information call 208-859-3535 and begin your fitness journey today!