Press Release

Press Release


Gem County Chamber of Commerce Contributes $10,000.00 to Economic Development Effort.

Emmett, October 9, 2017:  For fiscal year 2017, the Gem County Chamber of Commerce contributed ten-thousand dollars to a cooperative economic development effort between the City of Emmett, the Chamber and Gem County.

The Economic Development Coordinator position, currently held by Debbi Roeper, was created through a cooperative effort and agreement between these three entities in 2017. The Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in the creation of the position which reports to the Economic Development Foundation Board. Chamber Board member Jeremiah Vickery is the current Foundation Board President. The Board consists of representatives from Emmett School District, Idaho Power, City Council, County Commissioners, realtors from the area, the Job Service and more. The Economic Development Board meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Chamber office located on Washington Avenue.

“Putting to good use the availability of Idaho State Economic Development grant funding, community eligibility to receive the funding, in concert with a City and County-wide vision for building upon a foundation for our future, the economic development effort is experiencing measurable results,” says Jefferson Jenkins, President of the Gem County Chamber of Commerce. “We, as a Chamber Board, made the commitment dating back to 2016, through event revenues generated, that we as a group and as a chamber wanted to invest funds back into the community via the strongest arm possible – one of cooperation – to move this community forward, in the spirit of job creation, and ultimately, to help improve upon the area to which we live, work, play and raise our families.”

The economic development effort is funded on a year-to-year basis.

About the Gem County Chamber of Commerce: In addition to organizing the Annual Cherry Festival, now in its 83rd year, the Gem County Chamber is trusted by over 200 area businesses in providing training, support, networking and marketing opportunities. Contact us today and let us know how we can help your business grow!