Business Spotlight ~ Peterson Orthodontics: A reason to smile

Peterson Orthodontics is making a lot of folks smile in Emmett.

“We love it here, love the community and are happy to serve Emmett,” said Kelsey Peterson, DMD, DHSc. “We look at the community as family instead of just business transactions. This is truly a small town practice where we know our patients and get to know them on a personal level.”

Peterson moved to Emmett with his wife and three children and opened his practice three years ago. Peterson has been a great community supporter as well; coaching soccer, supporting school sports, FFA and 4-H.

“We have continually grown over the years,” said Kelsey. “Our strength has come from referrals. When people are happy they tell others. We have a good relationship with the dental offices in town. An orthodontist varies from a dentist in that we have an additional 2 years of orthodontic residency to become certified. As a specialist, all we focus on is straightening teeth and bite correction. We are the only orthodontist in town. We are very kid friendly. We even added a really nice theater room where kids can watch a movie while waiting.”

Peterson offers flexible payment plans and works with most insurance plans. Consultations are always free.

“Anyone can come in and get a free consultation,” said Peterson. “For children we recommend a Growth Observation plan starting as early as 7 or 8 years old. The idea is to get them in early so you can plan for the future. We x-ray and can discuss whether treatment might be indicated. For adults, we have a variety of treatment options available including braces and Invisalign. Treatment not only makes your teeth look better but can reduce pain levels or the need for crowns later. Our focus is on information so you can base a decision on information. We want you to have peace of mind and we never put the pressure on to get treatment.”

According to Peterson, braces for adults have become much more socially acceptable and adults now account for about 1 out of 4 patients who get braces. Treatment with braces usually lasts about 2 years and Invisalign averages 1 year but can be as little as 3 – 6 months for minor treatment.

“I’ve seen people turn 180 degrees after getting their teeth fixed,” said Peterson. “Your teeth and smile can affect your social life and job opportunities. It is most gratifying when you see not just someone’s teeth change but their life change. We feel like we are part of a community support system. We are all looking out for each other.”

Peterson Orthodontics is located at 1312 S. Washington Ave, Suite C, 365-6800 or