Babby Farms

Cheryl Harris has been working with people with disabilities for several decades and has always loved animals. For years, she was trying to think of a way to incorporate her passion for animals with her passion for helping those with special needs. She learned how animals can be used as rehabilitation not only for people with disabilities, but also for children, people with illnesses, and the elderly. In 2008, she bought a farm and two miniature cows. Then there were miniature horses and pygmy goats, followed by baby doll sheep…and eventually a baby red kangaroo. Eventually, the farm grew from two animals to almost 200.

Babby Farms is an exotic petting zoo. Their public facility is designed so visitors can get up close and personal with different kinds of animals they would otherwise be unable to see or possibly touch in such an intimate way. They give guided tours of the facility to provide a safe environment for people to interact with the animals, and each tour is very educational so visitors can learn about every animal and ask questions pertaining to them.

Babby Farms was originally a mobile petting zoo from 2009-2012. In 2013, they opened to the public. By charging a fee to visitors, they are able to bring out non-profit organizations including schools, at little to no cost to them. A future goal of theirs is to have summer camps for disadvantaged and disabled children to have the benefit of discovering the unconditional love an animal can provide.

Cheryl and Babby Farm employees believe “until one has loved an animal, a part of their soul remains unopened.” Cheryl says, “Babby Farms uses animals as rehabilitation for children and adults with disabilities. By visiting the facility, you are giving us the opportunity to allow those with special needs to realize the love of animals.”

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