August – Business Spotlight – Capital Law

“You don’t have to go over the hill to get good quality service,” says Jake Sweeten, J.D., a partner within the Capitol Law Group. Sweeten took over the longtime practice built by Ron Bjorkman who retired earlier this month after working along side Bjorkman for two years.

“I have learned more about practicing law in the past two years working with Ron than in the previous seven,” said Sweeten. “Ron wanted to have his clients taken care of, a seamless transition. I’d been with Capitol in the Boise office for 3 years before agreeing with Ron to take over his office. I loved working in Boise but I was attracted to being a ‘small town’ lawyer. It is a way to serve the community and get a greater sense of personal satisfaction to my work.”

Sweeten moved to Emmett in February with his wife, Emily, and two children; Liam, 7 years and Jax, 4 years.

“The community has been so welcoming,” said Sweeten. “It is so nice being involved. We have a house in town so I walk to work. That’s just great. I’ve joined the Chamber (Gem County Chamber of Commerce) and the Rotary Club. It’s an honor to be a part of it. I’m grateful to be a part of this community.”

Sweeten specializes in Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate Law and Corporate Law. Estate Planning involves Wills, Trusts and determining what you want to do have happen to your assets after you are gone.

“I don’t do a lot of litigation,” said Sweeten. “My experience began in the banking industry as a legal assistant for corporate trusts. After passing the bar I got into contract work and was in-house counsel for a major real estate firm in Meridian. Upon leaving, Capitol Law snapped me up for my real estate and corporate experience. My experience really translates well here in Emmett and my association with Capitol Law means access to a broad range of experience. We have one of the best tax attorneys in Idaho.”

“In Estate Planning I see a lot of retired folks or soon to be retired,” said Sweeten. “However, it’s important for couples, especially when children are involved, to start planning early. You can start planning at any point in life. If you have a legal issue, know that you can get excellent service here in Emmett. I take my work personally. I’m always concerned that I’m giving the best advice to my clients and doing the best work I can for them. Oh, and I’m putting in new carpet.”

Rumor has it that small squares of the vintage green shag carpet will be available for keepsakes. Contact Capitol Law at 109 N. Hayes Ave, 365-4136.