Attention Businesses!

501 E. Main St. – Emmett, ID 83617
Fax:  208-365-6062        Phone:  208-365-6055
Steve Nebeker, Chief of Police 
July 29, 2013
Emmett Community Businesses
The City of Emmett has been experiencing an increase of business burglaries within the last two months. 
This letter is being sent to assure you that the Emmett Police Department is working extra hard on resolving these crimes. We are utilizing all available resources but at this time we have been unsuccessful in locating the person(s) responsible.
We are also asking for your help. With our limited staffing we can monitor our community businesses but of course there are lap times in our coverage as we patrol from one end of our city to the other. We have also been reviewing some options for you to help keep your business safer. These options are:
•Install alarm or surveillance system (these can be purchased locally or on-line for a minimal cost) 
•Keep some lights on inside you business
•Keep valuables locked away or removed from business
•Contact law enforcement (365-3521) if you notice suspicious people looking around your business or acting suspicious
If unfortunately you become the victim of a break-in at your business, please remember:
1.Do not enter the building 
2.Contact the police immediately (365-3521) 
3.Do not look for missing items until asked to do so by the police officer
4.Do not touch anything, do not walk around the building or move anything you find around the scene
Again, we are working hard on resolving the burglaries that have already occurred and attempting to prevent any future incidences. If you need any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to call me at my office, 365-6055.
Steve Nebeker
Chief of Police