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Archive for December 2014

Gem County

The Gem County Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the partnership with the Gem County. The Chamber believes that Gem County is such a big asset and carries much importance to our community. The Gem County offers a wide variety of services needed by the public to allow our community to thrive. The Gem…

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Gem Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Mark Howlett, the owner of Gem Veterinary Clinic, came to Emmett in 2006 to take over the successful practice owned by the retiring Dr. Gerald Wilkins. He thought Emmett was the perfect place for him to practice his progressive high quality veterinary medicine and has been here ever since. Dr. Howlett’s goal for Gem…

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Main Street Beverage

Richard Walth and Mary Overstreet are the owners of Main Street Beverage. Rick owned a 7-Eleven Franchise for 12 years in Boise and wanted the opportunity to own and run an independent store. Main Street Beverage was established in 1989 and purchased in 1997. It has been responsible for providing outstanding tobacco and beverage products…

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